Your easygoing lifestyle keeps you on the move, and you need devices that won’t slow you down and will keep you connected.

Casual lifestyle hearing technology gives you the advanced sound processing necessary to handle a variety of listening situations, and it is custom fit to your hearing loss. It also offers features like wireless connectivity to help you enjoy your mobile phone, TV, and other media at a comfortable volume!

Casual lifestyle advanced technology features were designed to help you cut through moderate background noise and hear the sounds most important to you. This technology will allow you to focus more easily on the voices you want to hear and fully participate in all the moments of your life. You’ll be able to be spontaneous without having to think about your hearing.

Casual lifestyle hearing technology comes in a variety of fitting styles, including invisible-in-the-canal options, to suit your hearing and lifestyle needs. Stay on top of your communications at work, at home, and at dinner with your friends. Together with Prairie SEA Hearing Center's hearing specialist, we can tailor a hearing solution to your life so you don’t miss a beat.